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Hi my name is Juliana and I am a professional Orlando home organizer who is ready to help you tackle your unorganized areas and develop systems that will work for your unique needs. My goal is to teach you skills and techniques to get you more organized so you can have more time for what matters to you in life. Together we will conquer your clutter and leave you with a peaceful, productive place.

I have been a very organized person for as long as I can remember it comes very naturally to me and I love doing it. When I was little I knew that everything had a place. I could tell when my brothers touched my things. I remember them saying, “How does she know we played with her toys!” I would say, “Because you did not put them back where they belong!”

As a mother of two, I have had to continually reinvent my home space to suit the changing needs of my family. I found it to be something I have fun doing and I have found some very creative and successful techniques along the way.

I decided to become a home organizer out of a desire to use my talents to help people who struggle with organization in their lives. I want to understand your organizing challenges and share the many solutions I have found useful so you may become a more productive, efficient, energized and organized version of yourself.

I love helping people find simple solutions to make life easier!

Ready to get Organized?

I am here to help!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your unorganized home or office?

It’s tough not having enough time or motivation to organize your home or office. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, papers keep piling up, the garage or attic is packed full, your kids rooms are a disaster, your office is a mess… When will it all end?

Your solution is here! Not only I will help you create organizational systems, but I will make sure those systems work flawlessly with you and your family’s lifestyle.

If you are at that point where you’re ready to hire someone to handle your unorganized areas entirely for you, without the stress and frustration of doing it on your own, we offer many services and solutions to help you do just that.

This company is run by myself, the “individual”. You will always get to work directly with me and you will not be assigned any low paid subcontractors to do the work!
I am Bilingual - Fluent in English & Portuguese
Individually Owned & Operated
Your Personal Shopping Assistant
I Work Around Your Schedule & Come To You
1 Hour FREE Needs Assesment & Estimate
I Drive To You At No Extra Charge or Fee



Orlando Home Organizer is a HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved Pro


FREE Needs Assessment:

  • 1 hr Needs Assessment
  • We’ll talk about the project(s) at hand
  • Determine job requirements
  • Estimate amount of hours needed
  • Schedule times for working


FREE Extras

  • Any Size Porject!
  • Personal Shopping Assistance (1-3 hours)
  • Driving to and from your Residence or Office
  • No charge for fuel expenses
  • No charge for commute time

Spaces & Areas

I Organize

Living Room


  • Living Rooms
  • Family Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Pantries


  • Bedrooms
  • Guest Rooms
  • Children’s Rooms
  • Play Rooms
  • Bathrooms
Additional Spaces


  • Home Offices
  • Activity / Craft Rooms
  • Storage Rooms
  • Closets
  • Vehicles


  • Clutter Management
  • Filing Systems
  • Mail Management
  • Space Organizing
  • Collections / Photographs
  • Packing / Unpacking

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My Befores & Afters

Happy Clients


  • “Juliana was wonderful to work with! She kept me calm through a daunting task. Her communication skills and helpful ideas have given me confidence that I can remain organized. I feel that we got to the root of the problems and solved the issues. I feel empowered and would recommend her to any of my own clients or friends!”

    Sarah S
  • “Juliana helped me organize my bathroom, closet, dressers and shoes. Life is more efficient now with organization and systems she provided to keep things where they belong. She is personable and focused on helping you get organized! Will definitely use her again!”

    Carina L.
  • “Juliana did a fantastic job helping organize our garage. She's very solution oriented. I felt a little self conscious about my messy garage but she was not judgmental at all. I wouldn't have been able to do the garage without her. I would have given up after a couple of hours but with her there, we kept going and finished the job. It looks wonderful now and I can actually park my car in there!”

    Kristin P
  • “I had a backlog of files, bills and confidential documents that I needed help in organizing. Orlando Home Organizer was extremely helpful and professional plus made the experience easy for me to deal with it on a long term basis.”

    Anabella M.
  • “I loved working with Juliana. She's professional, courteous, strategic and hard working. I wouldn't hesitate to contact her anytime I needed organizing help.”

    Jen W.
  • “I loved working with Juliana. She's professional, courteous, strategic and hard working. I wouldn't hesitate to contact her anytime I needed organizing help.”

    Jen W.
  • “For Valentine's Day, I surprised my spouse by having the garage organized by an amazing Professional Organizer!!!! Juliana (321) 946-2180 was skilled, professional and considerate of our needs, as a family. It was worth every penny I spent!”

  • “Juliana not only gave us back the use of the garage as a functional space, but she taught me how to keep everything arranged and organized. Which, I am the first to admit how scatter-brained and lazy I can be, but her techniques and design give me the knowledge to keep it up! Even my boys (age 7 & 10) can keep the space clean & organized!”

  • “Juliana listened to what we needed and set up different "areas" of storage and most importantly, for the kids, a charging station for the go-karts and electric scooters. She even made sure the regular bikes and scooters have a place! Our camping gear has shelves and tubs to go in. The "ramps", vacuum, and brooms/mops have their own "area" too.”

  • “On the "tool" side of the garage, she neatly organized the spare tile, wood, and lawn/garden tools. I couldn't believe how perfectly organized the "sprinkler" drawer has become. All the spray paints, house paints, bug spray, garden supplies, car supplies, etc... Now have a spot and are organized. All my spouse's tools are so neat and organized that we will not have to buy the same tool again because we couldn't find it... Because now we can find them all!!!!!”

  • “I'm gushing, I know... But this was the best money I could spend on the garage. Juliana's organizing was a dream come true!!! She was very affordable too!”

  • “We had both a wonderful and constructive experience working with Orlando Home Organizer. Juliana was not only extremely knowledgeable about getting organized, but she was also a delight to work with.”

    Gary S.
  • “I just wanted to tell you that I very much enjoyed your presentation last Friday. I think I am pretty organized, but got some good tips from you! Do you have a website? I would like to recommend it to friends if you do.”

    Elizabeth W.
  • “Hi Juliana! I just wanted to thank you for coming in to speak to the school parents about organizing our lives last week. You were wonderful and gave us valuable information. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to be with us!”

    Dana P.

My Vision

Of Work

I will serve my clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity, and will treat them with respect and courtesy.

Working Relationships

I offer services in those areas in which I am qualified and will accurately represent those qualifications in both verbal and written communications. When unable or unqualified to fulfill requests for services, I will make every effort to recommend the services of other qualified organizers and/or other qualified professionals. I will advertise my services in an honest manner and will represent the organizing profession accurately.


All client informnation will be kept confidential, both business and personal, including that which may be revealed by other organizers.

I will not use client informnation to benefit myself or my firm, or reveal this information to others.

I will only use proprietary client information with the client’s permission.


I will decide independently and communicate to my client in advance my fees and expenses, and will charge fees and expenses which I deem reasonable, legitimate, and commensurate with my experience, the services I deliver, and the responsibility I accept.

I will make recommendations for products and services with my client’s best interests in mind.

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